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The Chiropody and Podiatry Clinic

Chiropodist and podiatrist offering treatments ranging from basic chiropody care to minor surgery

01603 485933
  • Nail Surgery

  • Verruca Surgery

  • Bespoke Shoe Inserts (orthotics)

  • Injection Therapy of the Lower Limb

  • Injections of the Knee

Areas of Special Interest

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New Patient Appointment

Verruca Freezing

Nail Surgery Package

Verruca Surgery Package

Bespoke Orthotics


Ostenil Plus

Corticosteroid Injection

from £43

from £52 per session

from £400-£800

from £400-£500 per Foot

from £395 per Pair

from £90 per Injection

from £285 per Injection

from £200

Prices subject to change without notice