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Bowen Therapy with Rosemary

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Bowen therapist Rosemary Barber runs a busy clinic at the Therapy Centre every week.  Many of her clients come following recommendations from previous satisfied clients.


The conditions that people present with are varied and include:

  • Musco-skeletal problems – eg back, neck, shoulder, knee pain

  • Arthritis pain

  • Fibromyalgia/CFS

  • Sciatica

  • Migraine

  • Asthma and respiratory conditions

  • Anxiety, stress and depression related conditions

  • Sleep problems – particularly in children

For those who suffer from chronic pain, the list of mainstream treatment options often runs out before they find the relief they’re looking for.  But visitors to the Therapy Centre have access to this increasingly popular alternative option.

Bowen is a very gentle but powerful and effective therapy.  Many people are desperate when they come to me.  They want to reduce both the pain and the amount of medication they are taking.  The conditions I see most are back, neck and shoulder problems.  Bowen is used for many other painful conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia, CFS and headaches.  I also have several regular clients who come to relieve depression, anxiety and stress.

How many sessions are required?  This depends on the client, the presenting condition and whether it is acute or chronic.  An initial course of three sessions is often recommended.  

Sessions are £35 with special rates available for members of MSTCN.

But don't take our word for how great Bowen is, see what satisfied clients have to say:

Back Pain

I was recommended to Rosemary by a friend after suffering lower back pain, probably due to posture problems. After having various different tablets, physio and even hydrotherapy nothing seemed to ease the discomfort, until I went to see Rosemary what a difference she has made to my life, the pain subsided after just a few sessions couldn't believe it after months and months of pain. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone, Rosemary is lovely very professional and understanding, and I shall be continuing to visit her on a regular basis.  Wish I'd gone months ago. Brilliant results.

Shoulder pain5 Upper back pain1

Shoulder Pain

I have been suffering with left hip and knee pain for some time, then came the shoulder pain in the right shoulder,which I suffered with for a year, after visiting the hospital and having a cortisone injection in the shoulder I was pain free for 8 weeks after this the pain came back so bad I could hardly get my clothes on and off.

Going to the Aylsham farmers market one Saturday I met the lovely Rosemary, she gave me a mini treatment and I decided to book an appointment. Well that was one very good decision. I can now get dressed with ease and my hip and knee pain has disappeared too, in fact my whole body feels so much better.  Thank you Rosemary very much.


Just wanted to say how fabulous Bowen is and how much it has helped me with my pain. I suffer with psoriatic arthritis and due to personal reasons had to give up the drugs I was taking for it. Soon after the pain in my joints began to get worse and worse the hospital just told me to take anti inflammatories and pain killers which wasn't ideal because the pain got so bad I was counting the minutes until I could take the next lot. They couldn't suggest any other treatment I could try. Then the wonderful Rosemary suggested I had a treatment with her. It was such a wonderful relaxing treatment I thought even if it doesn't help my pain it was a really enjoyable experience I'd do it again. After a few treatments I started to reduce the painkillers as my joints weren't painful all the time. After about 6 months I stopped taking any painkillers as my joints were still swollen but not painful only on the odd occasion. The only thing different I had been doing was a Bowen treatment with rosemary once every four weeks so it really does work. My consultant at the hospital couldn't believe it when I told him my pain was under control now and wanted to know what I had taken. So if anyone out there is suffering with pain then give rosemary a call and try Bowen and see if it can be as good for you as it has been for me.


I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 9 years ago after many years of pain and have spent most of the years since diagnosis trying, without any success, many prescription drugs. Having reached my lowest ebb I got in touch with Rosemary to give Bowen Therapy a try. After three sessions I am feeling a huge improvement in my pain levels and general well being. I am confident that this is the way forward for me to be able to manage my condition in a positive and drug free way.

Children – Sleep Issues

My 12-year-old daughter has for years had real difficulty falling asleep. Recently, as she moved into high school, this had started to impact more seriously on her studies and ability to concentrate. (Not to mention her mood!)

We chose to visit Rosemary after reading about the gentle approach of Bowen Therapy. In addition, we had exhausted other avenues.

We found Rosemary from the outset to be welcoming, knowledgeable and very honest in her approach to what Bowen may be able to achieve, and my daughter felt at ease with her. To our amazement, we saw an immediate improvement in my daughter's sleep patterns, which continued with three additional treatments, and has lasted beyond.

I would thoroughly recommend Rosemary as a lovely person, and for the way in which Bowen has helped my daughter to achieve a much more restful night's sleep.

For more information contact Rosemary: