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Semi-Permanent Make up

By Vanessa


Tel: 07919 141 075



Top Eyeliner

Both Top & Bottom Eyeliner



  • All prices include a full Consultation

  • Patch test required 24 hours prior

  • And a 'Top-up' in 4 weeks time.

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Meso Vytal Skin Needling Treatment

Course of Six

Meso Vytal is a new skin needling programme which will produce incredible results.

It will give instant visual results, no pain and risk free

No injectables with minimal downtime (less than 2 hours)

  • Skin is tightened, lifted and glows

  • Mini eye lift and lip pout

  • Suitable for men & women

  • Suitable for all ages 18+

  • A gentle alternative to Botox

Age Spot Removal

The Accurett with Cryo-freeze

The Accurett treatment treats ages spots successfully in one treatment using a high pressure micro fine jet of Cryogen with millimeter accuracy.  

Liquid co2 freezes the water in the cell forcing the it to expand destroying the cell membrane.

The Accurett takes seconds to complete and causes very little discomfort with amazing results in just one go!














Luxury Gift Vouchers Available

Colour Boost within 12 months



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